MACE 2018 Featured Game: Lewt Ninja Card Game & More

Grunt Games LLC will be demoing their new card game Lewt Ninja at MACE 2018 all weekend.  CEO Dewayne Cameron will be presiding over the demos.  Join him for short demos of a thrilling new card game.

Additionally, they will be demoing/play-testing a new prototype game called Alchemy D Racers.  

See OGRe for his specific schedule, click on Event Schedule.  You must be registered for MACE 2018 to participate.


About Lewt Ninja

Lewt Ninja is a standalone card game that challenges 2 – 5 players to become Epic Fantasy Heroes and find treasure, weapons, armour, and Artifacts from the many monsters they encounter. But beware! Every Hero is out only for themselves and will try to swindle the winnings away from you and the rest of your group. Build your lootstash and take what is yours and theirs before they do. Are you ambitious enough to be the Lewt Ninja!

Alchemy D Racers – A  tile based game that is a mash-up of fantasy creatures and NASCAR. Players control one of seven dragon flyers and race to the finish line; using offensive and defensive abilities players fight it out on the race track that is ever changing. Each player are also armed with special sponsor type cards that grant bonuses or abilities during the race.

Grunt Games LLC is a service disabled veteran-owned small business and recent startup game development company based out of Grovetown Georgia by Dewayne Cameron. A retired 20 year U.S. Army Veteran, Father, and Game Designer. In 2010 Dewayne was medically retired from the Army due to injuries received during a deployment to Iraq in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom. After retiring from the Army he went on to obtain his bachelor’s degree in Game design and worked in the development of VR simulators and educational games for the U.S. military. Starting up Grunt Games LLC has always been his passion and now ready to launch his first game Lewt Ninja.

MACE 2018

November 09-11 2018
The Best & Most Organized Carolina Gaming Con
Hilton Charlotte University Place
Charlotte, NC