MACE 2018 Chopped Terrain Building Contest

22 Hours of Building Chaos

For this contest, a box of materials will be given to each entrant.   Included in the box will be building supplies, paints, tools, etc…   All the items in the box must be used to some extent, but do not need to be completely used. The contest will start at 9PM on Friday night and will run until 7PM Saturday.  All projects must be turned in by 7PM to be entered into the contest for judging. Judging will take place between 7PM and 8PM.

The cost to enter is $22 Pre-registration and $35 at the door.

You can register using the MACE + Chopped fee in Registration or, if you have already registered, you can use the Chopped only fee located there as well

There will need to be a minimum of 6 entries for the contest to take place and there will be a maximum of 22 total entries. Material Boxes can be picked up at the Meet and Greet on Friday night from 6PM to 9PM

The theme of the build is Fantasy – your traditional Tolkien, Conan, Game of Thrones Fantasy.   It can be almost anything imagined as long as it would be usable in a Fantasy Game.Some tools will be available for use in the Board room at the hotel.  This is the room where the Meet and Greet will take place as well as the Miniature Painting Demo/Class. There will be a Grand prize and maybe some smaller prizes.  These will be announce as we move forward.    Winner(s) will be announced shortly after the judging.

UPDATE:  Prize Information

MACE 2018

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