MACE 2018: Emberbright, the official campaign of MACE!

Matt Holmquist returns with the Living MACE campaign contest winner – Emberbright!  What is Emberbright.  A few years ago, we conducted a contest between some of the best GMs to create a world that MACE can call its own.  Matt was the final winner and his world, Emberbright represents a collection of ideas from those in the contest.

Matt and  JustUs Productions are continuing the development the setting that will act as our own living campaign setting. That means you can create a character for it at one event and play that character at other JustUs Productions events that host this living campaign. We are planning to run it in at least 3 different systems – Pathfinder, Savage Worlds, and D&D 5e.

Matt will be running his adventures in D&D 5e.

S1-1 Oracle’s Bright Secret

Since the rediscovery of Oracle Isle, Central has become a hive of activity. The Grand Duke of Central has made a bold move to try and bring Humans back into the forefront of the world. He has declared a reward for any human cultural artifacts recovered from the isle. This has generated a swarm of adventures pouring in looking for a way to better their lives and station. Being a savvy diplomat, Duke John Vertagk has also asked the Elven Mageocracy and the Igni Technoarchy to join them in this endeavor.

S1-2 The Heat of Hope`s Endurance

The party has just recovered the Emberbright of Azerus and fallen into a deep oubliette. They must now find their way back to civilization

S1-3 Justice Rises as Hope is Lost

The party finds themselves on a brand new continent after disembarking an Igni merchant ship. They now must follow the pull of the Emberbright they have found to the next one.

About Emberbright

Emberbright is a bleak fantasy world where humanity struggles as the subjugated species after a cataclysm of divine proportions.

A millennia ago, humankind nearly destroyed the world – an event later named the Unraveling. The greatest kingdoms lay to waste, and the largest race reduced to nomads. Those that did not devolve into tribal cults in the north, eeked out existence as servants to the Elf Mageocracy or as second rate members of the Ignis Combine. (Igni – goblinoid fire-elemental race). The gods, once protectors of man and their greatest strength, have gone silent. Lorekeepers of the remaining human settlements still espouse that faith will restore humanity to its previous glory. What few baronies managed to survive have started to form alliances. A rudimentary collection of city-states has laid the groundwork for the rise of the next great human kingdom. The balance of power may shift again. The Wizard Lords have enjoyed their time as the most powerful beings, and the Ignis Leaders would not give up their monopoly on trade and steam tech. What of the Icemen to the north… no one knows what agenda their seemingly random raids hold. The great cycle of the heavens nears another completion. What will the next thousand years hold? What part will you play in it?

MACE 2018

November 09-11 2018
The Best & Most Organized Carolina Gaming Con
Hilton Charlotte University Place
Charlotte, NC