MACE 2018 Featured Kickstarter: unPerfect Heroes: Battle Lines

MACE 2018 is proud to welcome Aloha Bob and his new soon-to-be Kickstarted game unPerfect Heroes: Battle Lines.  He will be demoing his game most of the weekend as open demos through out those days.  He will also have an untitled RPG available based on the card game.


About unPerfect Heroes: Battle Lines

Imagine standing at the back of a line that you really need to reach the front of… urgently. The line to the buffet two minutes before closing time or the port-o-poop line at the all-day chili cookoff for instance. Welcome to unPerfect Heroes: Battle Lines, the game where you move members of the misfit Waple family against various Bad Guys who have the same goal as you.

You can play unPerfect Heroes: Battle Lines by sharing one deck of 52 cards (consisting of 20 Heroes, aka Waple family members, 20 Bad Guys and 12 Random Crap cards) or each player can have their own deck. Players start by choosing a scenario board and character pieces. The person trying to cut in line plays a Hero card against another player and rolls up to 8 dice to try to fight or bribe his way further up the line. When the odds aren’t too good, he may try to chicken out and get a bonus for his next try.

Win by getting your piece up to the finish line first and making your opponents have to wait, “just like you did”.

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