MACE 2019: Special Guest, DM Gareth Q Barrett

JustUs Productions is proud to announce The DMG himself, Gareth Q Barrett,  will be wandering the halls of MACE 2019 searching for minds to corrupt and dungeons to build. This wandering monster lurks in the depths of the Australian down underworld and originates from great veld plains of Africa. You may recognise it from its various lairs on YouTube: TheDMGinfo, Quest Givers and 7DSystem.

A problem solver and entrepreneur in information technology, media and marketing it owns two companies and manages many other unrelated YouTube lairs. Listed on IMDB for its short film “Claustrophobia”, it has produced over 40 short films and 2 documentaries as well as approximately 1,750 YouTube videos, 30 Instructional DVDs and various commercial and industrial video projects.

TheDMG created the wildly successful system neutral module “Under the Tavern”. A five-level monstrosity, with more twists and turns than a torture rack. Awarded “best module ever” by the YouTube comment section and the “so much fun” award by several Facebook posts.
It also built the 7DSystem role-playing game which one (unpaid) subscriber called “the greatest game ever made” and its mom referred to as “the first AND best roleplaying book I have ever read”.

Its diabolical nature is only matched by the craft-father DMScotty who feeds it maniacal plans and fiendish ideas, collectively they are known as Quest Givers! Each month, new system neutral modules emerge to torment players and guide game masters in an ongoing epic campaign.

This monster has also been featured in the Dragon+ Magazine-app-thingy for its cardboard building skills and some would say ‘dashing good looks’, although those people also hang around bubbling cauldrons and breed black cats. It also has a famous cat, but a small painting accident means it is no longer all black. Sharpen your blades, nock your arrows and gather your dice bags. It’s coming to town!

MACE 2019

November 08-10 2019
The Best & Most Organized Carolina Gaming Con
Hilton Charlotte University Place
Charlotte, NC