MACE 2019 UNPUB: Unpublished Games

MACE 2019 will once again host several brilliant game designers and publishers attending for the sole purpose of demoing and play testing their unpublished games.  We feel very privileged and honored that these fine designers would use MACE as a testing ground for their ideas.  Here are a list of games currently on the schedule that are marked with the UNPUB tag, but we will have more.

UNPUB games on the schedule include

Song of the Sea: A Pirate’s Tale


Game Concepts: strategy, exploration, adventure, ship combat, thematic

You are one of several privateers who have rebelled against the tyranny of the Imperial Navy.  The Empire’s expansion across the sea and into this island chain has created a resistance, of which you have, willingly or unwillingly, become a part. You have now been labeled that which strikes fear in the hearts of men: a pirate.

Your goal is the same as the other outlaw captains: to gain a strong foothold throughout these islands, develop a reputation, gain renown, and set up a pirate lair, a base of operations from which you will be able to lead these islands—as a pirate King.

You have very little time, however. The Imperial Navy is dispatching more and more ships to invade these islands, aiming to stop your efforts and take control of the islands for themselves.  Only a true Pirate King can stand in the way of the Imperial hordes.

You have eight days. You are sailing into these islands with only your brig, a skeleton crew, a meager array of cannons, and a firm resolve. By the end of eight days, you must have constructed a pirate lair and have gained enough renown throughout the islands to be deemed the pirate King–declaring you the winner.

Six Kingdoms

Get a first look at the playtest version of a brand new board game. Six Kingdoms is a 4x (Explore, Expand, Exploit, Exterminate) fantasy-themed game that puts you in control of a noble family vying for dominion over a kingdom that suddenly finds itself with a power vacuum. Train armies, send envoys on diplomatic missions, and build improvements across the land.  Use political conniving, silver-tongued diplomacy, or just plain old brute force to become the ruling family of the entire continent!

Check OGRe often for updates.  More UNPUB games are expected to be added.  You must be register for MACE 2019 to participate.

Past pics of UNPUB games

MACE 2019

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