MACE 2019: Miniature Mash-Up’s Dave O’Gara

JustUs Productions is proud announce Carolina’s own Youtube Crafter Dave O’Gara of Miniature Mash-up will be coming to MACE 2019 and running some games one again for us.   Miniature Mashup is everything tabletop roleplaying. From cartoons about DnD experiences to instructional videos about making terrain and miniatures.

His games are tagged with MMUP in OGRe.  You must be registered for MACE 2019 to participate

The Sea of Moving Ice (D&D 5e)

Will you be the first to navigate the deadly Sea of Moving Ice and forge the greatest trade route the Realms has ever seen?

For the Sake of Magic (D&D 5e) 

Two oddball wizards are being targeted by undead assassins. It’s your job to get them to the College Arcane.

MACE 2019

November 08-10 2019
The Best & Most Organized Carolina Gaming Con
Hilton Charlotte University Place
Charlotte, NC