MACE 2019: Special Guest GM, Dr. Megan Connell

MACE 2019 Gaming is proud to welcome Dr. Megan Connell, PsyD ABPP, NC, VA, & WA, Licensed Psychologist, Therapeutic Game Master and Cofounder Geeks Like Us. Please join us in giving her a big MACE welcome!

Saturday 2 PM

Dr. Connell will be running D&D 5e – Garden of Fog

A dear friend lies stricken, a prisoner in their own mind. Local healers are baffled, unable to provide aid, and without intervention, your companion is surely lost. Steel yourself, enter the realm of the mind and face the struggles within.

About Dr. Megan Connell

Dr. Megan Connell is a board-certified clinical psychologist whose practice encompasses a wide variety of topics and approaches. Her innovated work with girls, geeks and games has garnered her national attention, particularly for her work in applied role-playing games such as Dungeons & Dragons. She co-developed applied, therapeutic role-playing games training curriculum for mental health professionals. She is the cofounder of Geeks Like Us, a community-driven entertainment group. Dr. Connell has appeared on Geek and Sundry to talk about the interface of gaming and psychology, regularly speaks at major gaming conventions nationally, and she writes, directs, and produces the YouTube series Psychology at the Table, as well as the live play Dungeons & Dragons game Clinical Roll.


MACE 2019

November 08-10 2019
The Best & Most Organized Carolina Gaming Con
Hilton Charlotte University Place
Charlotte, NC