MACE 2020 COVID Plan

MACE will soon be upon us….we hope.    I have been in touch with the Hilton and a plan is being developed.    The official mandate from Governor Cooper is 10 people per room max.    We have 18 rooms available to us for MACE.   Most of these will easily accommodate the 10.  A few, even in normal times, really only held 6-7 comfortably.  So, we are looking at a maximum of 170 total occupants.   This number includes GMs, Players, Staff and Dealers.     We are a long way from the 700+ we normally get.

I have talked to a variety of people over the last few weeks to get some feedback.    This list includes GMs, Attendees, Dealers, Crafters, and Miniature Coordinators.    Below is the direction I am working on.   There will be limitations, but I think we can make it work for those who want to attend.

Attendance – Limited to 170


All attendees will be pre-registered.   There will be no walk-up registrations.   The Attendee List includes GMs, Dealers, Players and Staff.

Gaming Registration

Games will be pre-registered for in OGRe.   We may have some Play to Win or Open Tables, but a lot will depend on how many people register, if any games are sent, and what tables we can have open.   To keep away from bunching up and to create the social distance, we will have posters in several locations showing what games are being played in specific rooms.


I plan on having some dealers, but they will be limited.    With only 10 people per room, if 5 of them are dealers, then at any given time only 5 customers can be in the room.   The Dealers Room will be the hardest to fill since I do not want to tell people no, but it may come to that.  

Table Sizes and Players

We will use mostly rounds, but will have some 6’ tables in use.    Due to the 10 person per room limit, each table will only accommodate 5 chairs (1 GM and 4 Players).  In the rooms where we can only get 1 table, we can play up to 10 round the table.   Those rooms may be used for Board Games.


There may be a limit on the number of GMs we can have as well as more restrictions on the type of games we can run.  We need to make sure that the games being run are games that will fill so that we do not have empty tables.

Game Slots and Time

We are looking at 2 options for gaming this year.    We have the possibility of starting games on Thursday night.    All games would need to end at midnight to give the hotel crew time to clean each room.

OPTION 1: 1 slot on Thursday, 3 on Friday, 3 on Saturday and 2 on Sunday.  

OPTION 2: the more traditional, 2 on Friday, 3 On Saturday and 2 on Sunday.   


We will not be setting up the Grinning Goblin this year.   There are many restaurants close by and we will have breaks between slots.   I wish we could set it up, but health and safety reasons, we have decided not to this year.

This is still a work in progress and may change as we have more information.

Just as a reminder…