MACE 2020 Special GM: James F. Kelly, The Tabletop Engineer

James F. Kelly, otherwise known as the The Tabletop Engineer on Youtube, will be attending MACE again in 2020.  James’ channel is devoted to the creation of game terrain for fantasy, science fiction, and other game genres. Original terrain designs are shared along with those inspired by existing products. Where appropriate, tools such as a 3D printer, laser cutter, and CNC machine are used to enhance projects.

At MACE 2020, he will be running the following in-person games


Call of Cthulhu 

4 players

Players will take on the roles of 1930s era investigators who stumble upon an ancient evil in the small city of Arkham, Massachusetts. No experience required. Rules will be taught and pre-rolled character options will be provided. I will be using the Pulp Cthulhu rules expansion that beefs up the investigators to HEROES who have a better chance of surviving… but not much. Game does involve horror elements.

Saturday 2 PM


4 players

For beginners or those new to D&D. Players will be provided with pre-rolled character options and the rules will be taught as the game moves forward. Perfect for young kids, too. The adventure will have some scary elements but not too extreme horror elements. The adventure will be a typical dungeon crawl and last between 2-3 hours.

Sunday 9 AM


4 players (2 teams, 2v2)

Players must bring their own Level 1 Wizard/Apprentice and Warband miniatures. 2nd Edition rules will be used and I will provide terrain for the game. Game should last between 2-4 hours.

MACE 2020

November 13-15 2020
The Best & Most Organized Carolina Gaming Con
Hilton Charlotte University Place
Charlotte, NC