MACE 2021: 25th Anniversary Bags Pt 4

From MACE Justus Productions Facebook Group:

Better late than never. We are now getting the Bags up onto the website for ordering. You will also be able to order contents of the bag as needed.

I want to apologize up front for the pricing. As everyone knows things are not as cheap as they used to be.

Here is a photo of what you will be getting. Once I have a better image of the coin and mug I will post them.

I would ask one favor. Some of these items have a longer lead time than I would like. So I will have to place orders this week and next to be able to get them here in time. So if you are planning on ordering, I would love it if I could get you to do it soon.

The one choice you have at the moment is the color of your shirt. There are several to choose from as you will soon see. The sizes are Small to 5X. The hope is to have a shopping cart on the website that will allow the choosing of colors and size. If not, I will contact you by email or Facebook on your choices.

Thank you for your support of the con that has allowed it to last for 25 years.

MACE 2021

November 12-14 2021
The Best & Most Organized Carolina Gaming Con
Hilton Charlotte University Place
Charlotte, NC