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Session: Friday 3pm Session 1 – Tables 1&2 – Multiple GMs – PG13

Title of Session: “Oath Breaker”

Tag Line: The future hangs on the words of an oath breaker.

Detailed Description:

Times are dark, the war has devoured hope like a pack of ravenous wolves tearing flesh from a rotting carcass.  No feelings of remorse, no exceptions to the brutality, just cruel survival of the fittest…evolution.  Such conditions are a cesspool for rumors.  Rumors of annihilation, of surrender, and impending doom.  Despite such an ominous outlook, Hawkins himself has ordered your squad to investigate a rumored source of intelligence concerning enemy forces.  Even your commanding officer doesn’t bother to hide her sarcasm or the rolling of her eyes upon passing down the orders…especially as she shares the rumors that said intelligence comes from Angora.  Orders are orders though…right?

Session: Friday 8pm Session 2 – Tables 1&2 – Multiple GMs – PG13

Title of Session: “Hope Comes in Time”

Tag Line: The hope of the future lies in the past, Das Vadanya.

Detailed Description:

Hope restored is empowering.  It provides reason and purpose to push on.  However, nothing is more dangerous than false hope.  The source of the intel and the intel itself must be verified.  The realization of that responsibility falling to your team has only begun to seep in as you check the time travel device on your left forearm.  The buzz of equipment and the smell of ionization fill the ready room, as your teammates check each other’s equipment and armor.  Your mind remains focused despite the gravity of what your squad is about to embark upon, the fact that your life and that of your fellow squad members hang in the balance upon the word of an oath breaker.

Session: Saturday Morning 9am Session 3 – Tables 1-4 – Multiple GMs – Interconnected Missions – PG13

Title of Session: “Tide of War – The Gates of Hell”

Tag Line: No good deed goes unpunished.

Detailed Description:

Technicians scurry about the cluttered floor of the subterranean hangar, equipment and shuttles fill the bay.  Armored warriors check gear, pilots check their shuttles none too happy about the upgrades made to their shuttles, nor do they like the new nickname of their crafts being referred to as “ticks.”  The pre-battle tension is thick enough to cut with a knife, each individual dealing with the stress in their own way, some with bravado, others look at halo pictures, some begin to explore religion, some simply use the opportunity to get sleep, or at least act like they are sleeping.  New recruits, fresh from Angora are seen praying, wide eyed, more fear of the unknown than anything else.  One truth remains constant, all understand the future of humanity hangs in the balance.  This will be the largest coordinated attack to date.  No resources are being held back.  The plan is massive, with many moving parts.  Each phase is dependent upon the success of the preceding phase, each with an expected high cost of life.  Defeat is not an option; it is victory or death.

Session: Saturday Afternoon 2pm Session 4 – Tables 1-4 – Multiple GMs – Interconnected Missions – PG13

Title of Session: “Tide off War – Hell’s Fury”

Tag Line: The good deed.

Detailed Description:

Adrenaline courses through your veins, each heartbeat feeling as though your blood vessels are stretched to capacity on the verge of exploding.  A warm trickle of blood navigates its way down your arm from the gaping wound in your left shoulder.  The battle comes in waves.  It is close quarters fighting, brutal and unforgiving.  Both human and VenRacken bodies litter corridors, smoke moving across hall as if a looming spirit, illuminated by the occasional sparking of exposed wiring.  Bodies lay one upon another as death blows were dealt simultaneously by each combatant.  The stench of blood, mixed with venom, permeates the air.  It is a smell that sears itself into your memory assuring you shall never forget this living nightmare.  Comm chatter indicates the siege of HQ is still too close to call, as VenRacken forces are reported as overwhelming.  A Black Hawk soldier down the corridor from you spits on a VenRacken body, “Hell can’t be much worse than this.”   The Sergeant stands, smoldering cigar in his mouth.    “Hell?” he says in a gnarled voice, “Hell is what we are bringing the VenRacken, now move out!”

Session: Saturday Evening 8pm Session 5 – Tables 1-4 – Multiple GMs – Interconnected Missions – PG13

Title of Session: “Tide of War – The Devil Himself”

Tag Line: The Punishment.

Detailed Description:

Losses are beyond belief on both sides.  Exhaustion overcomes the body, mind, and spirit.  Everything is raw, it’s all about survival, kill or be killed.  Death, a mysterious reaper hiding within the shadows, claiming her prey like a stealth assassin while also showing her ruthless wrath upon both sides indiscriminately.  Yet the team has managed to outmaneuver death, at least for the moment.  “You must complete your mission!” echoes through the comm system. Weapons fire rattles the walls providing cover.  “How did they do it?”  It’s a simple thought that runs through your mind, how did the heroes of generations past run into the face of death, what drove them to an unyielding bravery?  “Bravery is not the absence of fear, bravery is overcoming fear to do that which must be done,” says a grizzled middle aged Time Warrior sharing the wall with you.  “I’ve seen that face before, my guys all looked that way when we stormed the beach of Normandy.  Just follow my lead son.”

Session: Sunday Morning 9am Session 6 – Tables 1&2 – Multiple GMs – PG13

Title of Session: “City of Death”

Tag Line: The Final Push

Detailed Description:

Command says it’s the last push that will break the VenRacken stronghold on Earth.  Despite our wounds, our weariness, and our fatigue, the squad is being ordered back into the breach.  This VenRacken outpost hasn’t seen battle, their forces are fresh and for the first time they know fear, for the first time they are afraid of what lurks in the dark.  Today, there is no room for fear or pain, only the rage of revenge! 

Session: Sunday Afternoon 2PM Session 7 – Tables 1&2 – Multiple GMs – PG13

Title of Session: “Break Point”

Tag Line: Though I walk through the valley of death, I fear no evil.

Detailed Description:

“What my eyes have seen, cannot be unseen.  What my hands have done, cannot undone.  What blood has spilled, cannot be cleansed.  I fear the cries I have heard will haunt me throughout eternity.  There is no escape, we are doomed to live in this all-consuming nightmare, that knows no difference between the realms of sleep and the waking hours.  My burden is heavy but mine to carry, it is a price I was destined to pay, and pay it I will.  Those who come after me, after us, will not know the darkness, but rather the light.  They will not be crippled under this weight, but be free to explore the heavens, unaware of nightmares.  Driven only by their dreams, tell them to dream big.”

Grand Marshall Setzer

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