MACE 2021 Featured RPG: Time Warriors

JustUs Productions is proud to announce Fourth Dimension Studios LLC will be returning to MACE this year with a full weekend of demos of their Time Warriors d6 RPG as well as a Time Warriors: Tide of War event.

About Time Warriors d6

Hawkins began the process of hand-picking a small squad. As he considered different individuals, he came to the realization that the war was now being fought on two fronts, a fact he knew from many examples throughout history, to be disastrous. It was at this point that Hawkins made several hard decisions.

First, he would not fight a war on two fronts; rather he would make the VenRacken forces fight two separate wars. This meant he had to have two separate military forces: in essence, two armies.

Secondly, he commissioned a new rank of Grand Marshall and awarded the rank to a proven leader and soldier named Gregory Hewitt. Grand Marshall Hewitt would be the commanding officer of the second military force completely comprised of soldiers from earth’s past. These time traveling soldiers would be known as Time Warriors. The Time Warriors would battle the VenRackens throughout time, while the resistance would continue to fight against the empire in the present time period.

Hawkins gave Grand Marshall Hewitt four standing orders:

  1. Protect earth’s history.
  2. Protect civilian lives.
  3. Recruit anyone, despite color, sex, allegiances and religion found to be eligible within historical record.
  4. Kill all enemy forces.

Several years have passed since that day…Hewitt is dead…Setzer, a former squad leader is now Grand Marshall. The war rages on, presently and throughout history. Despite the added numbers, and the spike in technology, the VenRackens are still a far more powerful foe. To complicate matters, other alien races have arrived: the Keltarians, the Felcrum, and the Broozak just to name a few.

The life of a Time Warrior is bloody, horrifying, and constant. The level of stress is beyond one’s imagination. He or she witness the blood spray of battle amidst the back drop of Ancient Egypt, Babylon, Greece or even Rome. The battle continues to rage on into Nazi Germany, 9/11 and World War III. A war that rages on unknown to those who live in the past, explaining what glimpses they catch as phenomenon or conspiracy.

The Time Warrior, in his heart, is a lone warrior with the knowledge that death might only be seconds away.You have been selected to be a Time Warrior, but consider your choice carefully…

You may not grow to be who or what you imagined as a child, but you do live a privileged life. You will be fighting for mankind’s right to exist, our right to possess our own planet, for the future that your lineage will inherit. You will be trained; you will evolve into a highly dangerous and efficient warrior beyond anything you know from your own time period. You will assist in the defeat of VenRath, and those who follow him.

Make your decision wisely, but know this: we came to you because the Empire has begun targeting Time Warriors before they were recruited. We intercepted the kill orders for you. If you choose to remain, we will do our best to protect you. But there will come a time when you will be on your own. Time is of the essence. What is your decision?

Time Warriors – Time of War

As described by the creator and writer – Matthew Croshaw

In a nut shell, four tables [ of Time Warriors in one room] each with a GM, allowing us to run different aspects of the same battle simultaneously. It also allows us to create real time variables/situations the players have to deal with.

For example: One team has the objective of taking the bridge, in doing so they accidentally knock artificial gravity out for the entire ship, any other teams on the ship suddenly without any notice or reason why no longer have artificial gravity and must adapt.

Another example would be a team mate crashes near another team. Now the objectives have changed as the team must save the pilot. The PC playing the pilot, now must change tables to the team that has rescued him/her.

See OGRe for more details. You must be registered for MACE 2021 to participate.

MACE 2021

November 12-14 2021
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