MACE 2021 Featured GM: Robert H. Hudson

JustUs Productions is proud to announce that the very talented Robert H. Hudson will be running some games at MACE 2021.  He will be running various Hero System settings.  

See OGRe for more details, using Advanced Options until his Game Master Name or use his Tag “RHH” to find his games. 

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Friday 8 PM: The Fangs of The Scarlet Serpent Stalks

Pulp HERO 6th Edition

A group renowned adventurers answer a call for help as a ghastly legend of the Old West shambles to life once again and bodies start to pile up at an old friend’s ranch in Texas. Can they brave the dusty – and bloody – trails and solve the mystery, or will they, too, become victimsWhen an ancient serpent-cult rears its scaly head on the streets of Singapore, a plea for help from an old friend brings the heroes running to the British colony city. There they clash with the cult and track it to its local lair… to face The Fangs of The Scarlet Serpent

Sat 2 PM: Mission 1775-A

Space Pulp HERO 6th Edition

The intrepid crew of the Stellarax are assigned a simple publicity tour mission to let them recover from a long string of difficult assignments. What they find may make them wish they’d volunteered for another Intelligence Unit commando suicide mission. Can they survive… Mission 1775-A?

Sunday 9 AM: Hauntingly Familiar

Fantasy HERO 6th Edition

A group of animal companions and familiars must band together to stop a ghostly unicorn pirate’s raids on ships and coastal cities to prevent a greater disaster that threatens awakened animals everywhere. Can they succeed when they find the pirate’s anger… Hauntingly Familiar?

Robert Hudson is a freelance writer whose work for HERO Games, in their Pulp Hero line, has been nominated for the prestigious ENNIE Award twice: Masterminds and Madmen in 2006 and Thrilling Places in 2007. Additionally, he’s written for HERO Games’ house e-magazine, Digital HERO.

A product of the early years of tabletop RPG gaming, he started in 1976 when there was only Dungeons & Dragons and hasn’t stopped since. Mundanely, he’s a reference librarian for a large Alabama-based law firm. He and his wife Mary Ann are married with dog and celebrate their sixteenth anniversary together this year.


MACE 2021

November 12-14 2021
The Best & Most Organized Carolina Gaming Con
Hilton Charlotte University Place
Charlotte, NC