MACE 2021: UNPUB Games – Squeal!

MACE 2021 will once again host several brilliant game designers and publishers attending for the sole purpose of demoing and play testing their unpublished games.  We feel very privileged and honored that these fine designers would use MACE as a testing ground for their ideas.  

Travis Deere will be attending and hosting open demos of his own game, Squeal!

Every pig deserves a happy life! Use your wit and luck to avoid the farmer, and try to live your piggie life to the fullest before fate comes calling. Farmers will try to make you SQUEAL!

Score the most victory points to win the game. Each player controls a set of pigs OR plays as the pig farmer.  Pig players will try to avoid capture and score points around the pig pen over 5 rounds of play.  The pig farmer will also score points each round as they try to round up as many player pigs as possible for the slaughterhouse. Strategy, deduction, cat & mouse.

3 – 4 players. 30 – 45 minutes

MACE 2021

November 12-14 2021
The Best & Most Organized Carolina Gaming Con
Hilton Charlotte University Place
Charlotte, NC