MACE Basics 101: Arriving at the con

Once entering the hotel lobby, it should be fairly obvious where the convention space is. If not, there should be a sign leading you down the escalator. That is all the hotel staff will direct you to.  At the bottom of the escalator or elevator is the convention space.  We have posted a map of the convention space here on our website.

See the Layout here

If you are a paying attendee (preregistered or registering at the door) and not a GM …

Go to Con Registration (red dot – red for registration)  to pick up your badge (and anything else you bought or need to buy).  If you have not preregistered, you can on the website or to here on-site to buy your badge.  No one will be allowed to play in any game without a badge.

If you are a Game Master …

You will see Gaming Registration first (green dot – green for gaming).  If you are a GM, you can pick up your badge there.

If you a Vendor …

You will need to find Jeff Smith and he will show you to your location and your badges.

Find this guy!

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