MACE East Initial GM Call!


I realize this seems crazy to some.  Just as we are getting the MACE schedule done, I have to jump right into planning for MACE East.  It use to be that I had a break during the holidays before I had to start planning for MACE West but not so much anymore.

This post (among other things) will go out to the current Gamemaster mailing list, most of which are mostly concentrating on MACE in Charlotte like I am, but this is also a post that I plan to direct new Wilmington based GMs.  So please excuse the extra traffic.  The Gamemaster mailing list is going to have to support all our events.

mace.east.logo1MACE East 2016
January 08-10 2016
Hilton Wilmington Riverside
Wilmington, NC

Right now we have one big room for gaming that I will be splitting up into two rooms – one RPGs and one for everything else.  Organized Play and general play RPGs will be in the same room.  PLEASE NOTE that because of construction delays, we are not going to be able to game on the battleship this year. See this post for more information.

For those that are new,  we have a system called OGRe – Online Gaming Registration.  Right now is configured for (big) MACE in Charlotte. But you can make game proposals for any of upcoming events through this site.  For those that wish to propose schedule events for MACE East 2016, the best way to do that is through OGRe. Go to  Log in (Make an account if you don’t have one).  Click Propose Event on the left menu.  Change the Event you are proposing for to MACE East 2016 and go through the steps to making the proposal.

If you prefer to email me, please include as much information about your event as possible.  It is sort of a hassle to go back and forth with questions with so many GMs, so try to include as much information as possible including schedule preference keeping in mind our standard 4hr slot schedule (although you are not limited to that schedule).  Include game name and any link that will explain the game and/or provide the description, especially if it is a obscure game.

Three 4-hour sessions (or 12 hours of running games) gets you in free, with fewer getting you a discount. See our discount policy on for information on the discounts.  If you want to volunteer for something like the gaming registration desk, the shifts are 3 hours.  We do not plan to have a kids program the first year of MACE East.

Contact , owner and manager of JustUs Productions if you have any business/money questions, or vendor room questions.  Anything game schedule or room layout related, ask .

Thanks and we look forward to a new gaming event in Wilmington!

Bill Perks

November 20, 2015 1:43 pm Reply

Will there be space, or permission to run pick-up Miniatures games?

Kind Regards,
~ Bill

Ron McClung

November 20, 2015 4:37 pm Reply

Sorry to say I have my doubts there will be space for something like that. First year, I need to utilize all the space I can with scheduled games to maximize turnout. People don’t come if a game MIGHT be there. Between Warmachine/Hordes and Heroclix events, you would have to take your chances and hope there is space.

I recommend scheduling it, giving time for player to sign up.