MACE hits a new high!

MACE 2015 was the best year ever, and the numbers show.  In 2015, we set a new attendance record of over 700 attendees!  That is up about 50+ people and a very manageable growth rate for Jeff and I.

Much of that was apparent in the number of pick up board games, and new events. I think the Malifaux minis tournament, the Star Wars X-Wing tournament, the great crowd we got for the Mage Wars Wounded Warrior tournament, and the LARP all contributed to the growth.

JustUs Productions measures purely by badge count and nothing more.  Some cons explode their numbers by multiplying that number by the number of days (turnstile count) but we find that a little shifty.  If you want turnstile, you can do the math.

Thanks to all that attended, especially the new people.  We hope to see you again.  Please feel free to comment here, in our facebook group or email us if you have an questions, complaints or compliments.