Justus Productions

Con Rules

  1. Badges must be worn and clearly visible while in the convention space. Replacement badges can be purchased at the Registration Desk for $5.
  2. Possession of alcoholic beverages within the convention space is prohibited.
  3. Smoking is not allowed in the convention areas.
  4. All bladed weapons must be sheathed and peace-bonded at all times. Non-Fring replica Firearms are permissible, but must be approved for use.
  5. MACE/JustUs Productions is not responsible for any items lost or stolen at the convention. Please do not leave valuables unattended at the convention site.
  6. Unathorized vendors are not allowed. The selling of any product or service within the convention space is prohibited, unless authorized by JustUs Productions.
  7. Have fun, but please be responsible. Be considerate of your fellow convention attendees. ANYONE BREAKING THESE RULES WILL HAVE, AT THE DISCRETION OF JUSTUS PRODUCTIONS, HIS/HER BADGE REVOKED AND BE ASKED TO LEAVE THE CONVENTION.

Child Policy

Children under 8 get in free. Ages 8 to 11 get in with a discount. See Registration for exact prices. All children under 18 must be accompanied to the event by a parent. MACE and JustUs Productions are not responsible for any child under 18 unaccompanied.

Food Policy

MACE encourages its attendees to take advantage of the Grinning Goblin table side service all weekend. They have a wide variety of snacks, drinks and ordered food. However, MACE and JustUs Productions discourages attendees from bringing in outside meals and drinks, as it is against our agreement with the hotel.

Refund Policy

If you pre-registered through PayPal, MACE will refund through PayPal, and are at the mercy of PayPal policies. Other refunds will have to be arranged by contacting Registration. (see Contact).

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