Important Dates

Con Preregistration ClosesNovember 10, 2020
Gaming Preregistration OpensSeptember 25, 2020
Event DatesNovember 13 - 15 2020

Convention Preregistration Rates

Please try to create one transaction per person so that we have each individual names for each badge.  It also makes your OGRe activation easier.

Rate TypeAgesAmountPayPal Link
Full Weekend Adult Ages 12yo+$30CLOSED
Full Weekend Child Ages 8yo to 11yo$20.00CLOSED
Full Weekend Virtual (all ages)$10.00CLOSED
Ages 7yo & underFree
Rate TypeAgesAmountPayPal Link
Saturday ONLY Adult Preregistration Ages 12yo+$20.00CLOSED
Saturday ONLY Preregistration Ages 8yo to 11yo$15.00CLOSED
Ages 7yo & underFree


Convention At the Door Rates

Ages 12yo+/Adult 
Full Weekend At-the-door$45.00
Full Weekend At-the-door + Warhammer Underworlds Tournament$55.00
At-the-Door Fri only$15.00
At-the-Door Fri only + Warhammer Underworlds Tournament$25.00
At-the-Door Sat only$25.00
At-the-Door Sun only$15.00
Ages 8yo to 11yo 
Full Weekend At-the-door$30.00
At-the-Door Fri only$10.00
At-the-Door Sat only$15.00
At-the-Door Sun only$10.00
7yo & UnderFree

Click here to contact if you have any questions.

Mail In Registration Form

Print this form and mail with your check to the address included. Make Checks Payable to Justus Productions. Must be received before the closing date of registration (see above).

MACE Mail In Registration Form

Register as a GM


Volunteer to Run Games
For All MACE events and Client events...
IMPORTANT NOTE: DO NOT Register for the respective event. Based on how much you run, you might qualify to get in free. For MACE events, see Volunteer Policy or GM Policy . For Client events, they usually agree to the run 3-get in free rule but outside of that, it depends on their individual policies.
(1) Make OGRe Account (if applicable)
(2a) For non-organized play games, ... {New system under development}
(2b) For organized play games, contact the Gaming Coordinator.
(3) Once events are accepted & scheduled, you are registered for the con as a GM.
Contact for GM discounts (if you run less than needed to get in free) and gaming events/schedule questions. MACE GM Discounts or MACE West GM Discounts