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MACE RPG adventures and campaigns that need GMs

Want to run at a MACE event?  Don’t have an adventure?  Can you run D&D 5e or Pathfinder or some other fantasy system.  We might have what you are looking for.

At all MACE events, we have access to a number of adventures and campaigns that GMs/DMs can run for us.  This is a (ever-evolving) list of settings, campaigns and systems we need GMs for regularly.

Adventures in Filbar

Setting: Filbar

System: Primarily D&D 5e but can be run in earlier editions.

We work closely with the writer of this setting to bring as many tables of his setting as we can. He has been very gracious and generous with the swag he sends for these tables.  His quality is hard to match.  We highly recommend checking out his stuff on DriveThruRPG.  If you are interested, we can put you in contact with him.  Contact us at if you are interested in running Filbar.

Deck of Stories

Setting: Any

System: Any.  MACE Deck of Stories events are usually D&D 5e.

Each card has A flexible idea, a few questions to help you flesh it out, and an indicator of where in the story you should use it. Opening action, rising action and climatic action and it works beautifully. You are prepared but flexible enough for whatever your players chose.  No railroading, no over preparing.
At MACE West 2019, we hosted a special 4 table event with the Deck of Stories.  GMs would “shoot from the hip” using them.  It was extremely successful.  While not a campaign or a adventure, it is a lot of fun and we are looking to have continued events at future MACE and client events.

Emberbright Campaign Setting

Setting: Emberbright

System:  D&D 5e primarily however, it can be run in Pathfinder and with conversion, in Savage Worlds (Fantasy Companion).

This is the official campaign setting for MACE events, written and coordinated by .

Quest Givers Adventures

Setting: General D&D-style fantasy

System:  Any fantasy RPG

Quest Givers is a collaboration between two artists and writers. Creating monthly tabletop roleplaying game adventure modules and tools that work in almost any tabletop role-playing game system.  Their focus is on building educational content around a series of modules and RPG tools to enhance the games people play.
Ultimately they want Quest Givers to become a community of creative people creating quality, useful content and tools for the tabletop RPG community at large.
Quest Givers releases a new campaign module on the first of each month and releases other products like Quick Quests and RPG Tools and additional content through our mailing list and their web store.