MACE West 2018: Savage Kingdoms, Reforged, with game creator Mike Yow

Mike Yow will be joining us at MACE West 2018 to run his fantasy RPG, Savage Kingdoms.  Hew will be running not only his new Savage Kingdoms, Reforged (recently Kickstarted)  but also his D&D 5th edition version.

Friday 8 pm 

Savage Kingdoms: Reforged

The Blood Crown

In the winter-kingdom of Mulovia, life and death are separated by the thinnest of veils and the acquisition of power is only secondary to survival. Noble houses squabble with each other, often openly, while King Vortimir grins darkly from his throne. But rumors now surface that the once-hidden tomb of the First King of Mulovia has been discovered, along with the possible burial-place of his most prized possession – the Blood Crown. “Through water, stone, and iron one must pass” say the gypsy-seers. The Blood Crown uses the ‘Savage Kingdoms: Reforged’ heroic sword-and-sorcery RPG system and its grim and gritty setting, which utilizes by a single d20 roll for all narrative action resolutions. Local Asheville actor and dabbling game designer, Mike Yow, is the game’s author and will serve as Game Master for the event.

Saturday 2 pm

D&D 5e: Savage Kingdoms

Shadows In The Sand

In the deep desert, no one can hear you scream. Zaramahd, the great Eastern empire, is predominated by the Sea of Sand. Here, desert tribes loyal and non-loyal to Emperor Al-Shadar’s vast realm dwell, and worse still, endless dunes and a siroccos plague the expansive wastes separating the great bejeweled cities. It is somewhere in this no-man’s land where you awakne, hearing little more than the trotting of sand-muffled feet and the terrible jangle of chains. In your blurred vision, a masked face glances at you, but you are unsure as to just who – or what – it is. Or how many. Shadows In The Sand uses the Savage Kingdoms grim and gritty setting, but via the D&D 5e rules system. This is a playtest of some of the new races, classes, and other materials that might see publication at some future date. It is designed by Mike Yow, local Asheville actor and author of the ‘Savage Kingdoms: Reforged’ heroic sword-and-sorcery RPG.

Saturday 8 pm

Savage Kingdoms OR D&D 5e

Sea of Ghosts

Just north of Tyrius, great city of the southern-most province of the Lorinthian Empire, an ancient temple has been unearthed. Several local noble families claim this area as ancestral land, but none know for certain. After further excavation and political scheming, a band of heroes are hired to explore the subterranean structure and report on what it is discovered. But mysterious and ancient sorceries may lie in waiting, and what was once an underground quest could soon lead to an epic voyage across the sea. Sea of Ghosts will utilize either the Savage Kingdoms: Reforged heroic sword-and-sorcery RPG rules OR the D&D 5e rules set, depending on majority player vote. Local Asheville actor Mike Yow is the creator and author of the Savage Kingdoms game system and setting (this setting will also be used if the 5e rules are elected).

About Savage Kingdoms

Savage Kingdoms is the brain child of Mike Yow, a long-time RPGer, dabbling game designer, and professional actor. First published in 2014, Savage Kingdoms: Reforged – this current project – is a full-color reimagining of not only the core rulebook, but the entire game line to come. In addition to full interior color and more artwork, the rules system has been tweaked and tightened up a bit, though perhaps not quite enough to warrant the moniker of “2nd Edition”.

MACE West 2018

March 09-11 2018
Gaming in the Mountains!
DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Asheville - Biltmore
Asheville, NC