MACE West 2018: Asheville Historical Wargamers!

The Ashville Historical Wargamers will be running a wide array of miniature war games.  They are on the OGRe where you can register for them.  You must be registered for MACE West to participate.  The games they are running include the following…


Friday 2:00-6:00pm

Command Decision: Test of Battle

Battle of Sened Station

January 1943. A U.S. attack on an Italian-German position goes slightly wrong when one of the American infantry units gets lost getting into position.

Friday 8:00-12:00am

Star Wars Armada

Live Fire Exercise

At a small, secluded base the Imperial Navy is testing its newest and deadliest Starfighter – the TIE Defender. Intended by Sienar Fleet Systems to be the top-end of a HI-LO mix of the TIE series, the TIE Defender is being put through its paces by Imperial pilots prior to authorizing full series production.

Rebel spies have determined that the Imperials are testing a new Starfighter and an Alliance task force jumps in to disrupt the tests and gain intelligence regarding the rumored fighter. A small Imperial carrier force responds to the base commander’s cries for support as the TIE Defender pilots don their flight suits for more realistic testing than they had expected.

Saturday 9:00-1:00

Fierce Tempest (Homebrew)

Operation Sealion 1940.

First week of Operation Sealion. German recon units reach Woking south west of London. Waiting for them are Dad’s Army (home guard), a bunch of locals, and some Dunkirk returnees. A tactical game with a bit of humor…” Sir, I told you we should have closed the pub.”

Saturday 2:00-6:00

Star Wars: X-Wing Miniatures

Wolfpack Against a Bear

A small rebel task force has raided an Imperial base that is running trials of the Empire’s new TIE Defender Starfighter.  A Rebel CR-90 Corvette from the task force and its escorts attempt to flee the battle, but they are stalked by the new Starfighters as the Imperial pilots look to test their TIE Defenders in combat.

Saturday 8:00-12:00

Actions Stations, Captains!

WW-2 Naval Battle Fast-play, WWII Naval miniatures rules. Faster than Seekrieg, more detail than Micronauts or Axis and Allies War at Sea. Scenario TBD based on number of players. Beginners Welcome!


MACE West 2018

March 09-11 2018
Gaming in the Mountains!
DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Asheville - Biltmore
Asheville, NC