MACE West 2018: Instructions and how to enjoy yourself

MACE West 2018 is this week and we have a lot on the schedule and a lot planned.  Game Masters, myself included, have been hard at work prepping for their games and making sure they have everything ready.  Some may not realize how much work goes into a convention game, but there is a lot for some people.  We want to have a lot of fun and also make sure you do too.

For those running games – aka GMs – I have already sent out GM instructions.  Click that link to read what you need to know ahead of time.  Your GM schedule will be on the back of the badge.

For those that are playing and have pre-registered for games via OGRe, we HIGHLY recommend you download/print out your personal schedule and tickets via OGRe.  Printing services at MACE West will be limited and we will NOT be pre-printing them for you. See attached image that shows you where to do that.

A electronic version of your tickets is good enough, as long as you have something that proves you have a right to that seat.

Those that have not pre-registered, there will be on-site convention registration at the door.  See the at-the-door prices here.  Game Registration will be open Friday at 1 pm (GMs can pick up badges started at noon) and close at 9 pm Friday.  It will re-open at 8 AM and close at 6 PM on Saturday.  On Sunday, we will open at 9 AM and close at 11 AM.

OGRe will remain open all weekend.  There will be an onsite activation code available that need an activation code for their account.  We can also manually activate your account if needed.

We look forward to see everyone at the convention.