MACE West 2020: Pathfinder Society/Starfinder Society

MACE West 2020 Pathfinder Society/Starfinder Society schedule has been posted to OGRe.   There will also be a single table of PFS and SFS Quests – 1 hour short adventures for first timers to try. See it on the Event Schedule or the Organized Play view.  You must be registered for MACE West to participate.

PFS/STS/PF Play Test Scenarios

PFS 01-37: The Beggar`s Pearl
PFS 02-01: Before the Dawn, Part I: The Bloodcove Disguise
PFS 02-02: Before the Dawn, Part II: Rescue at Azlant Ridge
PFS 02-03: The Rebel’s Ransom
PFS 04-02: In Wrath`s Shadow
PFS Module: Realm of the Fellnight Queen
PFS2 01-03: Escaping the Grave
PFS2 01-04: Bandits of Immenwood
PFS2 01-05: Trailblazers’ Bounty
PFS2 01-06: Lost on the Spirit Road
PFS2 01-07: Flooded King’s Court
PFS2 01-08: Revolution on the Riverside
PFS2 01-10: Tarnbreaker’s Trail
PFS2 01-11: Flames of Rebellion
PFS2 01-12 Burden of Envy
PFS2 01-13: Devil at the Crossroads
PFS2 Module: The Fall of Plaguestone
SFS 01-03: Yesteryear`s Truth
SFS 01-09 Live Exploration Extreme!
SFS 01-12: Ashes of Discovery
SFS 01-22: The Protectorate Petition
SFS 01-25: The Beacon Code Dilemma
SFS 01-28: It Rests Beneath
SFS 01-32: Acts of Association
SFS 02-03: The Withering World
SFS 02-05: Meeting of Queens
SFS 02-10: Corporate Interests
SFS 02-13: Storm of the End Times
SFS 02-15 The Infernal Gallery

To learn about Pathfinder Society, go here.  To learn about Starfinder Society, go here.  At MACE West, there are all part of our Organized Play offering.



MACE West 2020

February 28-March 01 2020
Gaming in the Mountains!
DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Asheville - Biltmore
Asheville, NC