What is MACE West?

MACE stands for Mid-Atlantic Convention Expo. MACE is a gaming convention held in Charlotte and is developing into a series of gaming conventions. Our gaming includes role playing, board games, card games, war games, miniature games, video games, and live action games of all kinds. Our focus is more on the face to face social games than video or computer games, but some years we do have some computer games for those that want to play those.

We have a game schedule for those games that need scheduling and sign up, but we also have space for pick up and open gaming. We welcome all kinds. We also like to have something unique each year so please watch our features as we add things throughout the year.

MACE West is a spin-off event that started in Hickory, NC and moved to Asheville, NC.  With the intention of providing a similar experience to MACE in western North Carolina, MACE West has grown to be a very impressive sister con to MACE.

What is a Gaming Con?

A gaming convention is a gathering centered around role-playing games, collectible card games, miniatures wargames, board games, video games, or other types of games. These conventions are typically two or three days long, and often held at either a university or in a convention center hotel. The largest gaming convention, Spiel, is a trade fair held in Essen, Germany that focuses on German-style board games and RPGs. Gen Con is the largest gaming con in the US for RPGs, with 20,000 attendees over four days, while Origins is the largest gaming convention focused on miniatures, wargames, and live-action role playing games.

Gaming conventions primarily differ from other fandom conventions in that they focus primarily on games and the gaming industry, with very little else. MACE prides itself in being one of the most focused weekends of pure gaming there is. We have very little programming other than gaming, we do not have guests (in the traditional sense), we do not have any other events other than the charity auction. If you come to MACE, plan to game and game a lot.

How much does it cost?

See our Register for that information

Are there rates at the door?

Yes.  See our Register for that information

Are there daily rates?

Yes. See our Register for that information


. . . Other aspects of fandom might include Anime, Cosplay, Costume Contests, Sci-fi or fantasy writers. etc.

MACE’s focus is gaming, 100%.  We work very hard to to present to our attendees/customers the best gaming experience we can present.  If other fans of other areas want to attend and celebrate their fandom in these other areas, they are welcome to.  We just do not allocate space to anything else other than gaming.

MACE prides itself at being family friendly.  Not all aspects of fandom are family friendly.  If you wish to bring another aspect of fandom to MACE, please keep it family friendly.

Where is MACE West?

DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Asheville - Biltmore. Asheville, NC.

When does the Con Preregistration close?

March 08, 2022

When does Gaming Preregistration open and close?

Open: February 11, 2022

Close: March 13, 2022

Where do I go to sign up for games?


Do I have to have experience to play any of these games?

We always welcome new gamers and we encourage our GMs to be prepared for new players. They should alway be ready to teach their game. For Organized Play RPGs, however, we recommend contacting the coordinator before you try them.

I registered. Do I get tickets or something in the mail?

We do not send out tickets or anything like that. If you paid online, your receipt from PayPal is your confirmation. We do not send out personalized confirmations. You pick up your badge at the con registration desk, if you paid. GMs can pick up their badge at gaming registration. If you paid, but are running games, you may have to check both.

How much does it cost to play each game?

At this time, we do not have a pay to play system. So there is nothing holding you to the schedule you sign up for. We ask that you please hold to your schedule as best you can, as GMs work very hard on their games and are disappointed when players are no-shows. If this becomes a problems, this policy may change.

What is all this stuff about Organized Play, D&D Adventurers League (D&D AL),  Pathfinder Society (PFS), Shadowrun Missions (SRM) etc?

At MACE West (and most other cons), we have two distinct areas of Tabletop role playing gaming – general play/one-shots and Organized Play. RPF, D&D AL, and SRM (and others like them) are Organized Play style RPGs. Most of these games are associated to a specific campaign setting, require you to make and bring your own character and allow you to go from con to con, event to event, participating in various adventures, and advancing your character through the campaign.

On the other hand, general play or one shots should always have have pre-generated characters.

Who do I contact at Justus Productions if I have any business related questions about Justus, it’s events, or inquire about running gaming at my event, etc?

Contact Event/Con Manager, Jeff Smith

Who do I contact if I have any questions about the gaming schedule or running games at a MACE or another Justus event?

Contact Event/Con Manager, Jeff Smith