mini-mace 2017 UNPUB: CITY State

MACE events traditionally have brilliant game designers and publishers attending for the sole purpose of demoing and play testing their unpublished games.  mini-mace 2017 will be very privileged and honored to have at least one fine designer use use our game day as a testing ground for his ideas.

CITY State

By Andrew Haigh

Never Just Settle

Six tribes of settlers arrive on a small but bountiful paradise island. Two butchers, two millers and two lumberjacks. They separate and decide to occupy six equal areas of island. Over time the tribe’s settlements grow and cities are built with outlying towns. All the time remembering the character traits of the original tribes. We join the story with each tribe having built two adjacent cities, just to the inside of their respective market area (tile) and three outlying towns.

Every day a player sends out their hunter gather to collect resources. Resources are collected without bias. So if a player moves to a Grain area, everyone with access gets to benefit.

Settlements of different sizes are needed to grow the territory covered. Every settlement is either helping to collect resources or manage and administer the settlement. So the bigger the settlement the fewer resources it can collect, however the more roads it can support for expansion.

Unfortunately the hunter gather can only carry so much, so they must return to a market. With all of these resources they can:

  • Hire additional villagers
  • Use villagers and resources to build/upgrade settlements
  • Spend resources to learn new abilities – e.g. stonemason or jeweler
  • Or as may become necessary prepare for combat – attack, defend and train mercenaries

As city states desire to get bigger and to control more territory, grab more resources, unlock new abilities; tribes will get in each other’s way. As a result, there will be squabbles over the ownership of settlements and fights will start.


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mini-mace 2017

January 28-28 2017
Food and Gaming, what more do you need?
Bunker Hill UMC
Charlotte, NC