mini-mace 2020: Food & Flea Market by ReCon

We are excited to let everyone know that the folks who do the food and the Flea Market at ReCon will be headed to mini-mace. They will be doing food during the day and helping you sell and buy some gently used games. They do this for a good cause so please come out and support them and play a few games while you are at it. More information about food and how they will handle the Flea Market will be coming soon.

See everyone on January 25th at mini-mace. Let us know if you have any questions about the day.

Flea Market Update:

The flea market is also being run by volunteers working with the American Belarusian Relief Organization. List items in the flea market for $0.50 a piece. Simply enjoy gaming all-day while the folks from ABRO oversee sales on your behalf. The flea market will be open until 8pm; you’ll need to have cashed-out and collected all of your unsold items by this time. All of the proceeds from the listing fees will help support the volunteers’ work again this summer.

mini-mace 2020

January 25
Bunker Hill UMC
Kernersville, NC