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What is mini-mace?

mini-mace is a game day event put on by the organizers of MACE. IN the past, it has taken place at Golden Corral or like restaraunt. MOre recently, we have changed it to more affordible locations and run it as a charity event. The cost may vary based on location. If it is held at a restaurant, normally the price of admission includes breakfast, lunch and dinner from the buffet. Please check the registration page because the price does not always include the food (like for non-restaurant locations).

Some games are scheduled while many others are pick-up or from our library. 50 to 60 games usually attend a very fun-filled day of gaming. Traditionally, because of space issues, we only schedule role playing games and board games.

Where is mini-mace?

We try to hold mini-mace at a location that serves breakfast, lunch and dinner, preferably as a buffet, where we can game and eat all day. If not, we have food brought in where you can pay a-la-carte. The next mini-mace take place at:


Can we have a mini-mace near us?

Sure! If you want a mini-mace Game Day, then Justus Productions can come to your city (as long as it is in the Carolinas.) We just need a place to host it on a Saturday that is cheap. It also needs to serve food (breakfast, lunch, and dinner) preferably as a buffett. Alternatively, if the place would allow it, we can find a way to cater food in, either through the Grinning Goblin or some other means. Please contact %JUSTUS_PROD% to inquire about having a mini-mace near you.

How can I run a game at mini-mace?

If you want a game placed on the schedule at mini-mace, contact %GENERAL_GAMING_CONTACT%

How do I get in free as a GM?

Check with %GENERAL_GAMING_CONTACT% for your options

What is the mini-mace Game Slot Schedule?

The mini-mace Standard Game Slot Schedule is below, however, we allow for flexible schedule in and around the standard slots, like 2, 3 and 5 hour slots, at special request by the GM. Special Events can run longer.

See below for the basic schedule.

  • Registration opens 8:00 am
  • First game slot:9 AM – 1 PM
  • Second Game Slot: 1:30 PM – 5:30 PM
  • Third Game Slot: 6 PM – 10 PM

These slots are based on the basic RPG time slot. Some special event RPGs, Board Games, War Games, and miniature games as well as special events will have a much more flexible schedule.

When does mini-mace Gaming Registration Open?


When does mini-mace Gaming Preregisration close?


When are the RPGA Questions and Deadlines?

Please contact the Organized Play Coordinator for his Deadlines.