mini-mace (intentionally all lowercase) is a game day event put on by the organizers of MACE, that takes place at a location where we can all enjoy good food and gaming all day. Some games are scheduled while many others are pick-up or from our library. 50 to 60 gamers usually attend a very fun-filled day of gaming.

Traditionally, because of space issues, we only schedule role playing games and board games.  mini-mace is dedicated to providing the highest quality games and related activities to you,the gamer. mini-mace originated as an idea to bring their two favorite things together – eating and gaming. Justus events, mostly due to necessity, has had some food involved. MACE has had the MACE cafe  and now has the Grinnin’ Golbin, so JustUs thought it would be a good idea to host a smaller event like a game day out of a food establishment willing to tolerate a bunch of gamers playing games in their restaurant.

Because JustUs felt that local fans of MACE could not get enough gaming from just MACE, they thought it would be a good idea to try it out at a game day. mini-mace started in 2003, out of a restaurant called the Camelot’s Feast in Greensboro, NC. We had about 50 to 60 people turn out, with a wide variety of board games and role playing games on the schedule. It was a great success despite being nearly interrupted by a hurricane the week before. Jeff and Ron had thought we had found the perfect home for mini-mace and looked for to hosting it at Camelot’s Feast once again, but unfortunately, fate had other ideas. Camelot’s Feast burned down that same year, leaving mini-mace with no home. It wasn’t until 2006 that they found a home once again for mini-mace. Through some friends, Jeff arranged for a mini-mace at the Golden Corral at Hanes Mall in Winston-Salem. Once again, it was a great success.

Justus Productions has been hosting a mini-mace at least once per year in the Winston-Salem area ever since. In 2008, mini-mace expanded to 2 events at the Golden Corral, one early in the year and one later. In 2009, they attempted to expand even further with mini-mace south in Greenville, SC, but due to lack of pre-registrations, that one had to be cancelled.

In 2014, however, due to price increases at the Golden Corral, mini-mace had to find a new home.  Jeff made arrangements at his Church, Bunker Hill UMC to host it in their fellowship hall, and brought in food through the Ginnin’ Goblin.  Since then, min-mace has been thriving in its new home. To this day, Justus Productions still seeks out places in the Carolinas to host a mini-mace. It is prefer that the location to serve breakfast, lunch and dinner in a buffet format and have a private room were games can be played. Contact Jeff Smith if you think you know a good place we can host a mini-mace.


Registration Opens: 8:00 am

First game slot: 9:00 am

Second Game Slot: 1:30 pm

Last Game Slot: 6:00 pm


Want to run a game?

Role playing Games If you want to run any kind of gaming event (General Gaming), contact .

Note: All other Living campaigns like D&D AL, Pathfinder Society,  Shadowrun Missions and others fall under the umbrella of Organized Play at our events.

Board/Card/Small Scale Table Top Games Many of our board games at mini-mace are pick up from either our library or other libraries people bring, however some larger board games or “epic” board games may require scheduling because of time limitations. If you want to run a specific game, feel free to contact to schedule your game.

Other Games Because of space limitations, there is usually not enough room to schedule larger events like miniature games or live action games. If you think your game would fit in our environment, feel free to contact to discuss the possibility.


What is mini-mace?

mini-mace is a game day event put on by the organizers of MACE. IN the past, it has taken place at Golden Corral or like restaraunt. MOre recently, we have changed it to more affordible locations and run it as a charity event. The cost may vary based on location. If it is held at a restaurant, normally the price of admission includes breakfast, lunch and dinner from the buffet. Please check the registration page because the price does not always include the food (like for non-restaurant locations).

Some games are scheduled while many others are pick-up or from our library. 50 to 60 games usually attend a very fun-filled day of gaming. Traditionally, because of space issues, we only schedule role playing games and board games.

Where is mini-mace?

We try to hold mini-mace at a location that serves breakfast, lunch and dinner, preferably as a buffet, where we can game and eat all day. If not, we have food brought in where you can pay a-la-carte. The next mini-mace take place at:

Bunker Hill UMC. .

Can we have a mini-mace near us?

Sure! If you want a mini-mace Game Day, then Justus Productions can come to your city (as long as it is in the Carolinas.) We just need a place to host it on a Saturday that is cheap. It also needs to serve food (breakfast, lunch, and dinner) preferably as a buffet. Alternatively, if the place would allow it, we can find a way to cater food in, either through the Grinning Goblin or some other means.

Please contact Contact Event/Con Manager, Jeff Smith to inquire about having a mini-mace near you.

How can I run a game at mini-mace?

If you want a game placed on the schedule at mini-mace, contact %GENERAL_GAMING_CONTACT%

How do I get in free as a GM?

Check with the JustUs Productions Gaming Coordinator

What is the mini-mace Game Slot Schedule?

The mini-mace Standard Game Slot Schedule is below, however, we allow for flexible schedule in and around the standard slots, like 2, 3 and 5 hour slots, at special request by the GM. Special Events can run longer.

See below for the basic schedule.

  • Registration opens 8:00 am
  • First game slot: 9 AM – 1 PM
  • Second Game Slot: 1:30 PM – 5:30 PM
  • Third Game Slot: 6 PM – 10 PM

These slots are based on the basic RPG time slot. Some special event RPGs, Board Games, War Games, and miniature games as well as special events will have a much more flexible schedule.

When does mini-mace Gaming Registration Open/Close?

Open: January 02, 2020

Close: January 26, 2020