Modern Floorplans: An Average Wild West Town

From: Fabled Environments

Reviewed by: Ron McClung

Modern Floorplans: An Average Wild West Town is a Kickstarted RPG Supplement from Fabled Environments.

Fabled Environments have a strong line of maps on PDF that I have personally used on occasion.  This new one – Kickstarted in 2015 – looked like an ambitious project but I knew once funded, it would be a quality product for use in your RPG game.  This Western Town, although linked to the The Battle of Whistle Reach Junction adventure, can be used in just about any game that is Western themed.  I can even see it in a western sci-fi game like Serenity/FireFly.

From the Kickstarter page: Ever wanted to run a old west campaign? Do you love the grit of the wild west and the pioneering spirit of those folks that left everything behind and went west to seek their fortune?

This PDF provides all you need for a Western town.  Included in this PDF is a General Store, School House, Sheriff’s Office/Jail, two story Settler’s Cabin, Church, two story Saloon, and a two story Livery Stable.  Each map is fully details with furniture, features and everything.  Done professionally with AutoCAD, each building has an optional grids (squares or hexes) that takes full advantage of the layering options in Adobe.  You can also take out the furniture, text or background art by clicking on the layers tab and turning off which ever one you want. Each map is also  given with dimension for printing so that they are ready for the table right away.   No messing around with scaling or anything.

From the Kickstarter page: Just like a good play or movie, a story needs a great set to make it come alive. That is where we come in. This Kickstarter will give you what you need to help make your vision come alive on the tabletop. The Kickstarter is for floor plans of several iconic old west structures: Settler’s Cabin, Hotel/Saloon, General Store, Church W/Cemetery, Sheriff’s Office and a Livery Stable.

In conclusion,  I highly recommend these maps if you plan a Western style game or of course, if you plan to run The Battle of Whistle Reach Junction.  They are well done, easy to print and ready-made for your game.

For more details on Fabled Environments and their new RPG Supplement Modern Floorplans: An Average Wild West Town” check them out at their website Fabled Environments, and at all of your local game stores.

Codex Rating: 18

Product Summary

Modern Floorplans: An Average Wild West Town

From: Fabled Environments

Type of Game: RPG Supplement

Created By Charles & Krista White

Drawn by Krista White

Conceptualized by Charles White

Cover Art Concept by Preston Dubose

Number of Pages: 18

Website: Fabled Environments

Reviewed by: XReviewerNameX