More UnPub Games on the schedule

Our UnPub Playtests and demos continue to grow.  See UNPUB Affiliation/Tag to see what games we have on the schedule.

The latest are…

Five Elements by Mark McGee

The era of this world is coming to a close. Before the planet collapses, we need you to extract the essence of the Five Elements so we can rebuild.
Five Elements is a medium weight card and dice game about managing your resources and building clever combos. It plays 2-4 players in 30-45 minutes.

Zombies Survive by GIshBurger Games!

Play as a zombie trying to survive against hordes of angry humans.  Zombies Survive! is a simple, engaging, and fast paced card game that the whole family will enjoy. Each player will take control of one of five zombie characters.  The last player to keep their head wins! Game designed by GishBurger Games and beautifully illustrated by Mark Tomczak.


Battle for the Coal Heart

New robot role section, resource management, fighting game coming to Kickstarter this January.  It is played with playmats and hexes in front of you and tokens/gems for money and cards for equipment. Player count is 2-5 and plays in 1-2 hours. Designer Duncan Davis.



Check OGRe often for updates.  More Unpub games are expected to be added.