OGRE 101: Open Demos & Signing up for them

Key Definitions

Open Demos – Open demos are game events set up usually by publishers or game designers over a long span of time, with the intent of running as many instances of their game during that span as they can, with the constraints of space and time.  They are usually listed by publisher or game name.  They have a fixed location but not a fixed slot.  The schedule shown is the time span the host plans to be at the convention to demo the game.

Open Demos games are listed in OGRe like this – by Publisher:

or this – by Game name

If listed by Publisher, they usually have multiple games they want to demo on demand.  If listed by game, the host has one game to demo as often as he can.  In either case, the host may have multiple copies of the game that he or she can demo.

They are usually listed with a long time span because this is the schedule the host has chosen to demo his game.  The time a single demo takes will be listed in the title.  The exact time of the demo is up to the player and the host.  Signing up simply indicates the player’s interest in at least one demo of this game. We encourage you to contact the host to arrange a time for that demo.

You do not have to sign up to play these games however.  Walk-up players are welcome at all open demos games.  If they can fit you in a game, they will.  If they can’t fir you in at that moment, they will give you a time when they can.  These games are designated with the Target icon on the posters so anyone can walk up without signing up.

Scheduled Demos

Some games are denoted as scheduled demos. These are limited open demos, limited by the time slot and the number of copies the team has. However, these games can be demo’ed at anytime during the weekend. The given entry is simply a scheduled event for that particular game.  Pick up sessions of that game are possible any time, just ask the host in charge.