OGRE 101: Registering for a game as a Player

Key Definitions

Onsite Gaming Registration – This is the means by which a player commits to play or register for a game during the con or event.  The only way to register for a game during the con or event is to register on site.  You must register for the convention or event first and have that proof of registration (usually a badge) to get your online account activated.

Gaming Preregistration – This is the means by which a player commits to play or register for a game before the con or event.  The only way to register for a game before the con or event is to preregister for the con or event first.  Once that is  verified, your account can be activated.

Activation – Your OGRe account must be activated to register for games. You can browse games and even propose games without activation, but to gain the privilege to register for a game, one must have an activate OGRe account associated to the convention or event.

Register for Games

At any of our events or client events, we use our in-house designed tool called OGRe.  Its primary function is to give those that have registered for the convention or event the privilege of registering for our tabletop gaming events.  In order to do this, a person MUST have the following:

  1. A valid and active account on OGRe, which requires a unique email address for each person.
  2. A valid registration or badge for the convention or event.

If you do not have a #1, it can be made for you onsite.

Activating Account

There are three ways to activate your account

  1. Activate it when you preregistered for the convention.  For MACE events, that is through an activation code sent to you by email.
  2. Activate it onsite with the onsite code, available at gaming registration
  3. Manual Activation – the Gaming coordinator can activate your account.  That can be done via email prior to the con or at the gaming registration table on site.  Either way, you must be registered for the convention first.

What games do you need to register for?

Not all games require registration.  Only games that are unique instances with limited seating or a player cap need to be registered for.  Role playing games, specific tabletop board or card game events and some tournaments have a player cap or limited seating at the table.  Seats are allocated at a first come, first serve basis except in the came of other game masters.  Those that volunteer ahead of time to run games get the privilege to register for games through OGRe before preregistration opens to paying attendees.

Open demos, large tournaments, short games, game library or player’s choice games are all examples of games that don’t require you to register.  For these games, you simply find the game master or game event coordinator and ask if he has room for more players. They might have a second copy of the game or they might be almost finished with the current game and can give you a time when the next one will start.  In these cases, we leave it to the game master (at their request) to manage the seating at their table.

However, for online registration, most of these games are open to registration for many reasons.  For some open demos, it is helpful for the GM to know there are people interested.  They may have a long time block set up but their demos may only take an 1  to 2 hours.  This should be noted in either the title or the description.  You can sign up for that with the expectation to get priority when he has an open slot or arrange a time prior to the convention by contacting the GM.

Registering for Games

There are three ways to register for games, once you have an active and valid OGRe account.

  1. Preregister online through OGRe for the gaming events prior to the convention
  2. Register online through OGRe for the gaming events during the convention.
  3. Register onsite at gaming registration by filling out a Onsite Ticket and dropping it off in the InBox at gaming registration.  We’ll get to it as soon as possible.

Game Registration Tickets

OGRe allows the player to print out tickets in PDF form.  They can also be presented virtually on a tablet or phone.  These are simply used as proof to the GM or gaming event coordinator that you as a player have a right to a seat at his gaming event table.  Once that is accomplished, the tickets can be thrown out.