OGRe 5.2 roll out – OGRe onsite!

This is probably a stupid move but I can’t wait until January to do this. MACE 2015 is a great way to test it and if it doesn’t work, you can always go to gaming registration.  I had this idea and figured out a simple way to design it into OGRe. I have tested it over and over again and from what I can tell, it works. So without further ado….

Shortly, OGRe 5.2 will be rolled out and represents a major change in the way I do things.  Gone are the days when I close OGRe to do my printing.  Gone are the days where you HAVE to go to gaming registration to register for games onsite.  Now you can register for games onsite through OGRe, if you brought you laptop, tablet or even phone (although it is a bit much to do on the phone.)

What this means is that if you have an activated OGRe account, you can register for games onsite.

What if you don’t have an OGRe account or it is not activated?  Then come to gaming registration, and we can set you up.  Either make your account there, and we can activate the account or register for one game, and it will be created and activated.

If you don’t have a online access to OGRe, that is perfectly fine, just come to gaming registration and sign up the old fashioned way.

So you will suddenly see OGRe registration open again, which means you can register for games any time between now and the end of the con.