OGRe 6.0 to be released soon!

I’ll be rolling out OGRe 6.0 fairly soon, just in time for MACE 20! I have worked for the past 2 months straight on it and I think I have a stable now. I am going to get a few people to look at it, get them to run some tests before I move it over to the live site.

There were a lot of changes on the mobile side. It is a little more simplified there but you sacrifice functionality for simplicity.

Notable changes/additions are…

  • You can download the entire schedule in CSV format, which can be opened in a spreadsheet like Excel.
  • You can sign into and out of a game from what I call the Game Information dialog. (this was done for the mobile side primarily)
  • GMs can share their GM schedule on FB (click My Schedule and if you have GM access, you will see a FB Share button at the bottom).
  • I finally “finished” the admin side so its a fully functional application.
  • The largest changes involved making it functional for other conventions. I hope to have a workable soon for the cons that want to use it.

I also debugged a lot, hopefully eliminating some frustration. However, with the changes I have made, more bugs are bound to pop up. When i tis rolled out, I will ask you to report any problems you might be having to me.

I know it does not seem like a lot but that admin piece was huge.  Additionally, redesigning it for multiple con organizers was big.  On top of that, I upgraded to the latest JQuery, and the last 2.x version of CodeIgniter.  My next big advancement is moving it to CodeIgniter 3.x.  I am only a year behind.

My biggest fear is that the changes I made for the multiple con aspect will not behave the way I expect.  Which is why we will be doing as much testing as we can.  Please contact me if you have any questions or comment below.  I don’t exactly take suggestions, because this beast is enough to handle as it is, but I do occasionally listen to ideas for new features.