OGRe 7.5 update – Personal Game Libraries for Open Gaming

Version 7.5 Release Notes

  • A number of bug fixes and clean up behind the scenes.
  • Game Proposal system is a little more mobile friendly with more integration of Bootstrap 4
  • Significant updates to Admin functions.
  • My Profile is changed to My Dashboard
  • The Additional the Game Libraries to the Dashboard

Version 7.5 of OGRe has a significant update to it.  It is something I called the Personal Game Library.

A user can use the Game Library functions when you simply want to bring games to the convention and not really commit to a specific slot or schedule. With this function, you can make a list of games that you plan to bring to the convention or gaming event and set when you are available to run them. Once approved, these will be listed as Personal Game Library events for the Open Gaming Area (table unassigned). This is simply letting people know your plans. This is only commitment to those that are interested in playing your games. We all understand plans change. Once approved, these events will allow people to sign up to simple show interest. By establishing a game library at our event, you are granting the people signing up permission to contact you to show their interest and their availability. Simple steps to get your game library listed faster:

  1. Establish the Personal Game Library event by naming it. For example, Jon’s Awesome Game Library.
  2. Then add games to your library. You use the Board Game Geek search utility to add the games.  For now, Manual Entry is disabled.
  3. Schedule your availability. This is the window of time you plan to play games, allowing for meals and sleep, etc.

Use the full name of the game. Board Game Geek/RPG Geek are the best resources to get game names. If you plan to bring a lot of games, just list the top 5 to 10 that you think will interest people.