Peter Schweighofer, formerly of West End Games

Hello, Peter. Thanks for taking the time for this interview.

It’s my pleasure. Anything to help draw interest in MACE and gaming in general.

Tell us a little about yourself and what you do in the gaming industry?

Most folks know me for my years in the 90s writing and editing D6 Star Wars Roleplaying Game material for West End Games. I’ve since done freelance writing for various companies and game lines, including Wizards of the Coast’s Star Wars RPG and West End Games’ D6 System. The past few years I’ve spent publishing my own game material in PDF form through my Griffon Publishing Studio imprint (; my two main publications are Pulp Egypt and Heroes of Rura-Tonga, though I always have other projects in development. I recently began writing short articles for as the Charlottesville area “Hobby Games Examiner” (, a project which allows me to try to educate the general public about a wide range of games in our hobby.

What is your latest project? What excites you about it?

Right now I’m diverging from roleplaying games and developing ideas for board games with historical themes. The primary one is “Kadesh: Pharaoh’s Chess,” an abstract wargame where pieces on each side have different move strategies to simulate the ancient Egyptian battle between Ramses’ mixed forces of chariots, infantry, and archers against the swift Hittite chariotry. I love ancient Egypt and games, and Kadesh combines both passions. In my spare time I’m also making slow headway on roleplaying game projects, including a Victorian-themed Egypt book and a medieval fantasy setting. I’m a bit distracted, though, by my relatively recent duties as a full-time Stay-at-Home Dad.

Do you attend cons often? What have you attended recently?

I used to have a fairly regular convention season that included cons in North Carolina and Virginia, but these days, as a new father, I don’t have the same kind of freedom in my schedule, so I have to limit myself. Last October Nuke-Con hosted me in Omaha for a fantastic weekend of gaming and panels. MACE is my first convention after my son’s birth, and may be my only one for the coming months.

What makes gaming your passion?

Play is an important element in our lives for education, social development, personal growth, and recreation. I focus a lot on the historical aspects of gaming; I’ve always felt people learn best when they’re having fun. For me developing games is an outlet for my enthusiasm for writing and different historical eras, though I love good fantasy and science fiction, too. And while gaming serves as a focus for my creative interests, it’s ultimately worthwhile when I’m sitting around the table having a fantastic time interacting with people through the medium of games.

Thanks again for taking the time out to speak with us.