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Rest In Peace: Richard “Warbunny” Desautels

A good friend to JustUs Productions and MACE – Richard “Warbunny” Desautels – passed away last night (April 7, 2019) from issues with his lung. Hhe would be greatly miss.  He was always ready to run games for MACE and it was always Harnmaster.  We all need to raise a glass, say a prayer and celebrate another life of a good gamer and friend.

What I remember about him is his relentless passion for Harnmaster and how he would run it all weekend at early MACE events.  Of course, as time went on, he ran less and less.  I was always entertaining and a joy to talk to.  I will sorely miss him.

Andy spann

April 9, 2019 8:55 pm Reply

The Crazy 8s Will miss him. Rick was always really nice to let the 8 of us play in his games which he didn’t have to do. Harn was THE game we made sure to play as much as we could each Mace whenever it was available as it shows in all the photos here. To us Rick was the lord of that world, the amount of knowledge and history he absorbed and could relay about Harn was staggering. You could tell that it was the world of choice for him.

We will miss him dearly.

– Crazy 8s