Ships of Clement Sector 10: Lee class Merchant Vessel

From: Gypsy Knights Games

Reviewed by: Ron McClung

Ships of Clement Sector 10: Lee class Merchant Vessel is a RPG supplement from Gypsy Knights Game (now part of Ships of Clement Sector 10-12: Workhorses 2nd Edition).

NOTE:  This is the Traveller edition of the PDF.  Since receiving this, Gypsy Knights has disassociated from the Traveller game system and developed their own called The Clement Sector, the Rules.  It is now part of Ships of Clement Sector 10-12: Workhorses 2nd Edition

The Millennium Falcon.   The Serenity.  Sci-fi is full of merchant vessels that travel the space lanes delivering payloads – legal or illegal – to paying customers.  John Watt’s Clement Sector is no different.

From page #3: People say owning your own ship must be the most wonderful thing in the universe. There is no one to answer to, and nothing but the stars to gaze at everyday with freedom to go wherever you want, whenever you want. The thing is, they don’t have a creditor hanging over their head waiting to repossess the ship if you miss a payment one too many times.

The Lee-class merchant ship, designed by Boone Starship Industries, is a freighter vessel with a double height cargo hold and three large cargo access areas as it selling points.  Two-thirds of the length of the ship is dedicated to cargo, making it a sort of “18-wheeler” of merchant vessels (Space Truckers, anyone?).  Unfortunately, this rings true for its’ maneuverability as well.  The ship however, has some teeth, with the potential of four turrets mounted on the outside.  The ship’s crew capacity is five but can take up to 10 passengers.  It has two distinct decks which are both compartmentalized for security and for damage control.

The ship itself has a sleek elongated appearance that makes me think of a train car or 18-wheeler in space.  The PDF details out a considerable amount of information about the ship including contents of ship’s lockers and overall system capabilities.  The decks plans are exceptional as usual and usable in just about any sci-fi RPG system.  To make it to scale will take a little work but the deck plans are detailed enough for table use.


From page #3: Peering over a handful of square cards, he fought hard to keep the grin from his face. Luck was changing, and for the better if this hand of ‘Clement21’ played out like he thought it would. “I see your high spread and raise you five… betcha two to one this hand is gonna make you
weep when you see it, mate.”

The PDF then details a sample ship and crew called the Nebular’s Ghost.  The Ghost, captained by Gaibrielle O’Rourke, navigates a regular route originating from Boone and connecting to many nearby systems. Each crew member is detailed out in RPG stats and background notes.  The PDF ends with 6 different adventure seeds that are generic enough they can be worked into any Merchant ship adventure.

In conclusion,  I can’t get enough of these types of PDFs because I love having any kind of ship at my disposal for my players.  Like I say a lot with these supplements, they can be used in any sci-fi system.  The detail the writers put into it make these ships seem to jump out pages.  The detailed art is also inspiration as usual. It’s a perfect ship for a RPG party to crew.

For more details on Gypsy Knights Game and their RPG supplement  “Ships of Clement Sector 10: Lee class Merchant Vessel” check them out at their website, and at all of your local game stores.

Codex Rating: 16

Product Summary

Ships of Clement Sector 10: Leeclass Merchant Vessel

From: Gypsy Knights Games

Type of Game: RPG supplement 

Author: Michael Johnson

Additional Material by Bradley Warnes

Artists: Ian Stead, Michael Johnson , Bradley Warnes

Cover Layout: Stephanie McAlea

Editor: Curtis Rickman

Number of Pages: 27

Game Components Included: One PDF

Game Components Not Included: Core Rules for Clement Sector

Website: Gypsy Knights Game

Reviewed by: Ron McClung