Ships of Clement Sector 3: Moltke-class Cruiser

From: Gypsy Knights Games
Reviewed by: Ron McClung

Ships of Clement Sector 3: Moltke-class Cruiser is a new RPG Supplement from Gypsy Knights Games.

Following along the same lines as the previous entry in this series,  Ships of Clement Sector 3 introduces another military class ship into the Clement Sector.  With a sleek look and intimidating array of weapons, the Moltke-class Cruiser is a new force to be rekonned with in the sector.

From page # 3: “Umm… contact!

Once again, Gypsy Knights not only introduces an interesting ship, but includes an interesting background.  The background gives you a little taste of the political tensions between the various Earth-originated nationalities in the Clement Sector, prior to the Collapse (and may still remian in certain areas).  This particular ship was started pre-Collapse in a arms build up between Germany and the Royal Navy.  Eventually, the new class of cruiser was built based on the plans for an older pre-Collapse and the Hub was the proud owners of multiple Moltke-class Cruisers.  

These ships pack a punch and are bristling with weapons. 2500 dT Needle/Wedge design, it is an impressive ship.  It can hold up to 70 crew and 12 marines, and is an “armoured behemoth primarily designed to destroy opposing warships…”   They are built to act as a fleet flagship.  It also carries a Captain’s Gig, small Boat and a Cutter (all of which at detailed out and mapped).  You want to judge a power by its most powerful weapon, judge the Hub on the Moltke-class Cruiser.

From page # 3: “ The single word broke the fragile silence on the bridge, drawing attention to his station from every officer and crewman present. With all eyes swivelling toward the young, first termer officer, he clamped his lips closed and let out an audible gulp. ”

Additionally, as I suppose a bonus, a new type of fast attack ship is detailed.  Called the Mercury-class Fast Packet Boat, it is now the official courier ship for the Hub Federation.  The ship resembles some of the fast attack ships of  Vulkan-class Attack Boat Tender (Ships of Clement Sector 2), it has the primary function of carrying communiques between fleets.  Included with this is a series of adventure hooks for a crew of a ship like this.

In conclusion, Gypsy Knights continues to impress with sleek looking designs and great story attached to these ships.  Although not a ship that would be owned by a party of characters, it for sure is something a group of characters might serve on.  I think the additional ship – Mercury-class Fast Packet Boat – was added more for this purpose, and serves very well for that.

For more details on Gypsy Knights Games and their new RPG SupplementShips of Clement Sector 3: Moltke-class Cruiser” check them out at their website, and at all of your local game stores.

Codex Rating: 16

Product Summary

Ships of Clement Sector 3: Moltke-class Cruiser
From: Gypsy Knights Games
Type of Game: RPG Supplement
Author: Michael Johnson
Artists: Ian Stead, Bradley Warnes, Michael Johnson
Editor: Curtis Rickman
Number of Pages: 38
Game Components Included: One PDF Supplement
Game Components Not Included: Core Traveller and Clement Sector books
Retail Price: $4.99(US)

Reviewed by: Ron McClung