Guests & Attending Pros

Mike Welham
2012 RPG Superstar & Freelance Writer

Mike has been gaming off-and-on for over 30 years. While he has played using numerous game systems, he has always had a fondness for Dungeons & Dragons and its offshoots. Mike has written for Clockwork Gnome Publishing, Open Design, Paizo, Raging Swan Press and Rite Publishing, and (much to his surprise) he emerged from a field of 32 other unpublished authors and won the title of Paizo’s RPG Superstar 2012. An amateur game designer no more, Welham went pro when he is awarded the contest’s grand prize: a contract with Paizo Publishing to write a 32-page adventure for the hit Pathfinder Roleplaying Game.

The RPG Superstar contest put authors through a gauntlet of writing challenges. Over the course of five rounds, contestants were tasked with creating an item, organization, monster, encounter with map, and ultimately, a proposal for a Pathfinder module adventure. Welham’s winning adventure, titled Doom Comes to Dustpawn, was selected over three other finalists in a week-long public vote.