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Vanessa (Vee) Mus’e
The Crafting Muse

Crafting and arts have always been a part of my life. I grew up making and creating things for as long as I can remember. I also am an avid reader who loves fantasy works, so I already had a pretty good concept of many of the mythos and stories in D&D before even playing. Back in college, and soon after we got engaged, I would play Baldurs Gate and such with my husband on our PS2. It wasn’t until we had kids of our own, however, that I got fully immersed in the world of D&D and then began exploring other tabletop and roleplaying games. When my husband started doing papercraft for our table, I realized that much of what I knew and have done in the past could be put to use in creating more odds and ends for our terrain collection. Fast forward, I now have a YouTube channel, The Crafting Muse, devoted to creating terrain and scatter, showing how to paint minis, and enhancing game play with various accessories that can be used at the table. I love being a part of this community and look forward to even more amazing experiences as I share my videos with you all.

The Crafting Muse Youtube