MACE 2018 Special GM: James F. Kelly, Game Terrain Engineer

James F. Kelly, otherwise known as the Game Terrain Engineer on Youtube, will be running additional games this weekend.  Along with his Charity Game on Friday (10455 – Dungeons & Dragons 5e – One Night at Rikter`s Cemetery, Game with the Crafters Auction Game), he will be running a board game and a miniature game (How diverse of him!!)

Who Goes There?

Who Goes There? is based on the short story (by John W. Campbell) that inspired the movie, The Thing. In this game, six players will take on the role of a scientist at a remote outpost in Antarctica. A discovery has been made… a bad one. An alien life form that can mimic anything it touches. One of the outpost’s dogs was infected, but the scientists managed to destroy the alien before it could continue its invasion. Or did they?

Can the players survive until rescue without being infected? And if one or more are infected, can the humans identify the infected and eliminate them before the entire base is taken over?

Please download and read the instructions to the game before signing up. This will allow us to start the game faster.


This will be a one-off 2v2 game of Frostgrave using ONLY the core rulebook and no expansion rules. Terrain and treasure markers will be provided, but players will need to provide miniatures for their own warband, dice, and any special minis you may need (wardog, zombie, summoned demon, etc.). This will be a 500 gold per player game — please use and bring a printout to verify your warband. 

We will pick teams on the day of the event by rolling randomly. No out of game rolls allowed before the event. Any questions, please email Jim at jktechwriter (at)

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MACE 2018

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