Special Guest GM: Mike Yow, creator of Savage Kingdoms RPG


MACE 2015 is proud to host Savage Kingdoms, run by the creator Mike Yow.

From Mike Yow about his game:

Savage Kingdoms is a gritty sword-and-sorcery RPG, recently published by my¬†small indie company called Fire In The Head Productions. The system requires only a single d20 which resolves all actions¬†(including damage dealt in combat), “exploding” on a natural 20 and “imploding” on a natural 1. These can contribute to potential critical successes and critical failures.

The system is quite swords-and-sorcery, fairly Howard-inspired, but also with a good dose of Martin and even Tolkien’s darker stuff. Player-characters may choose from up to 15 human cultures/races to play, and there are several non-human options as well, such as the Sidhe, Duergar, Chenari, and Sslir. (More are coming soon with the second release from the line, the first campaign expansion supplement, The Savage East). Race/culture defines one’s character a great deal, as SK is not a class-based system, but rather utilizes a point-buy system for certain talents, skills, and even weaknesses. There are “life-paths”, however, for players more used to class systems or in case someone needs a quick character template.

I started designing the game engine itself about three years ago, and it first saw independent publication a year ago in November of 2014. Playtesting commenced for a year and a-half before, being featured/demo-ed at Dragon*Con in Atlanta for two years as well as a good deal of online playtesting utilizing Roll20. The setting, however, if much more venerable, as I used much of the world in my early D&D (and later Pathfinder) campaigns as back as 1983. As the years went by, and especially after deciding to write and publish Savage Kingdoms, I expanded the “known world” even more into a full-blown and highly detailed milieu.