Star Wars Killer, MACE 2015

MACE 2015 will be hosting another Killer, game of assassination. This special versions of Killer – Conkiller – will be hosted at MACE 2015.  It will last all day Saturday or until the last Assassin is standing. Players can go about enjoying the rest of the Con, while at the same time participate in this live action event where they are always looking over their shoulder.  Each player will be supplied a set of rules, basic supply package, and a target.

However, there is a specific theme (that was requested) to this year’s Killer event.  We have integrated a Star Wars theme into the game and key to that is the concept of a Bounty Hunter.  This is a new role to the game and will add a new dynamic. I will be posting rules soon with the MACE 2015 Star Wars expansion soon.


Player will need to either preregister or register by Friday night.  They will also need to email us a selfie as soon as possible.  The selfie must be clear, and recognizable as yourself.  It must look like you.  Email it to the gaming coordinator.

Star Wars Killer Trophy!  Win the Golden Skull!