OGRe 5.3 Rolling out

We are going to be rolling out a new version of OGRe with some minor fixes and expansions. This is one of those updates where you should not see much change.  If you do, then something is wrong.  We have done enough testing that we feel comfortable with rolling it out but we may have missed something, so please feel free to let us know if you see something weird.

Here is a short change log:

  • Security restructuring – This is something that needed to be changed for a long time.  Security worked at the user level and the Super Admin level (me) but everything else in between simply did not work.  I have restructured it so that it should work on many levels.  This is especially important as OGRe expands to other con organizers.  If you see “Access Denied” somewhere you used to have access to, however, let me know. At the same time, if you see something you think you should not have access to, please let me know, especially something with the words “Admin” in it.
  • Minor bug fixes on the admin side.  The Admin side is still under development but I found some bugs in areas I thought were done.
  • On Site Activation – This is the first change that people will see.  For those that need activation on site (those that pay at the door, etc.) there will be a single code that you can use to activate your account.  Get that at gaming registration.
  • Game Proposal Change – Game Proposals will have a new section that asks about how you want online preregistration and onsite registration handled.  This is something I want more input from the GMs or hosts.  In the past I just made it up as I went a long but to serve you better, I thought it best that you had some input. I tried to be fairly straight forward with it but it takes a little thought to get through.