From: Guillotine Games
Reviewed by: Dawson Kriska

Zombiecide is a new Board Game from Guillotine Games.

Get ready, another zombie game shambles (and sometimes runs) into your living room! With seemingly endless customizable features offered to players, Zombiecide pleases an ever growing hoard, er… audience.

From the back cover: “SCIENCE! In the twisted pursuit of ever greater levels of productivity, man has TWISTED both plants and animals to his own ENDS. In so doing, we have inadvertently changed ourselves…”

The amazing box art of Zombiecide eludes to high quality, and the contents certainly deliver. With high-density polyethylene (easily paintable plastic) figures from Cool Mini or Not and durably thick map pieces, Zombiecide can weather the storm of rowdy players with ease. Four types of undead baddies keep even seasoned board gamers on their toes, and a plethora of player abilities ensures the players work together and strategically, lest the undead masses, overwhelm them with ease. Only one player piece is close in color to the zombies, but it remains distinct enough to discern. Another unique addition to Zombiecide is leveling up. Each character has a chart on their identity card allowing them to gain new abilities and skills as the game progresses. Also, players are kept even more focused on strategy with the introduction of noise tokens that attract the attention of the undead. The biggest hurdle of the game comes from the rule book. I learned Guillotine Games is a French company, and the rule book certainly reads as though translation software were used rather than a person. Despite the laborious “lost in translation” feel of the rules, once gameplay begins, everything makes much more sense. Also, the price bears addressing. The cheapest I have found the game is $75, with expansions asking the same price, Zombiecide can feel more like an investment than a game.

From the back cover: “Now, SHAMBLING KILLING MACHINES roam the RUINS OF OUR WORLD. It is time to engage in…ZOMBIECIDE!”

Zombiecide gives players six characters to choose from, each with their own talent helping them against the undead. But a long list of unused talents printed in the book encourages customization like few other games of this genre. Players get ten scenarios, each with their own distinctive objectives, different map set-ups for each one right out of the book, and again the potential for customization and players making their own scenarios ranks high. Players new to board games should approach Zombiecide with caution, while seasoned board gamers may find the game one of the most satisfying purchases in a long time.

In conclusion, Zombicide delivers a great fun and customizable experience for the players, but the price may steer some away to simpler, more affordable games in the same genre.

For more details on Guillotine Games and their new Board Game “Zombiecide” check them out at their website http://guillotinegames.com/en/, and at all of your local game stores.

Codex Rating: 13 (Price and rulebook translation hurt this score)

Product Summary

Zombiecide From: Guillotine Games

Type of Game: Board Game

Written by: Raphael Guitton, Jean-Baptiste Lullien, and Nicolas Raoult

Game Components Included: 71 minis, 9 gaming tiles, 110 mini-cards, 6 dice, 6 survivor identity cards, 24 skill counters, 4 car tokens, 18 noise tokens, 10 objective tokens, 12 door tokens, 6 experience trackers, 6 zombie spawn tokens, 1 “1st” player token, and 1 exit point token

Game Components Not Included: None, Zombiecide is playable right out of the box

Retail Price: $ 74.99 (US)

Retail Price: $ 89.99 (Can)

Number of Players: 6

Player Ages: 13 and up

Play Time: Varies by scenario (30-60 mins)

IBSN: 8 17009 01424 8

Email: guru@guillotinegames.com

Website: http://guillotinegames.com/en/

Reviewed by: Dawson Kriska