GM Mailing List

In a short amount of time, I will be phasing the CGA Con Gaming Yahoo Group mailing list out as a resource for GMs at MACE events. You can unsubscribe through Yahoo Groups. I will leave this group up for a time but eventually, I will be deleting it group Yahoo Groups.

If you want stay in touch with all things MACE related, you can join our other Yahoo group Fans_of_MACE or subscribe to our web site mailing list (Scroll down to the bottom for that).

For my GMs list, I have been searching a while for a new solution and I feel like i have found one.  You can join our GM list on our web site here…

This will be a one way communication rather than a group discussion situation.  You will get minimal emails from this list, things like GM calls and GM instructions.  Please join our GM list if you wish to stay on our GM list.  If you have volunteered for this year’s MACE, you may be already subscribed.  I will be automatically subscribing anyone that does volunteer and you can unsubscribe at any time.