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A statement to GMs about gamer consent

We want to thank all the game masters for all their support this year and/or in the past.  We appreciate all you have done and how well the games have been received.   A recent topic has hit the internet since the release of Consent in Gaming book, by Monte Cook Games.  While we do not plan to have “trigger warning” checklist at the table or online, we do want to address this topic.

Going into this,  we do feel this should go without saying but we are going to say it anyway, just in case.  We need the game masters/hosts at MACE to be mindful of their table and who is playing. Remember that we have a variety of gamer personality types and ages. Please gauge the table before you start running. Some material may not be suitable for those playing. The game is for the players and not just you as the game master or host.

In this vein, we recommend, especially games that have story elements to it (RPGs in particular) to address any controversial topics up front and give the players a chance to opt-out if they so choose.  Please be communicative to the players at your table and be sure all are enjoying themselves.  We are all here to have fun!

Thanks again for all your hard work in making MACE the best tabletop convention in the Carolinas and I look forward to seeing you at MACE.


This is a call to all willing to run games at ConGregate 2017.

ConGregate/Deep South Con 2017

July 14-16 2017

Radisson Hotel – High Point

High Point, NC


There will be Pathfinder Society (PFS) as well D&D 5e Adventurers League (D&D AL).  Landon Hatfield will be handling the schedule for PFS.  Bill Boivin or Tim McCrary will be handling D&D AL.


For those that wish to propose other general play/scheduled game events for ConGregate 2017, the best way to do that is through OGRe.  If the current convention setting for OGRe is ConCarolinas 2017 (see in the upper right hand corner), then click Change Con to change over to ConGregate 2017.

Preregistration opens May 29, so I would like to have as many games on the schedule before then as possible.


Go to ogre.justusproductions.com.  Log in (Make an account if you don’t have one.  If you were a GM for us at any point in time since 2006, you more than likely have an account.).  Click Propose Event on the left menu. Three 4-hour sessions or 12 hours of gaming gets you in free.


If you prefer to  , please include as much information about your event as possible.  It is sort of a hassle to go back and forth with questions with so many GMs.  Include game name and any link that will explain the game and/or provide the description, especially if it is a obscure game.  Also include schedule preferences keeping in mind our standard 4 hr slot schedule (although you are not limited to that schedule).

Contact  if you have any business or money questions, or vendor room questions.  Anything gaming schedule or room layout related, ask me.  Thanks again for all you have done in the past and I hope we can work together again.

ConGregate 2017

July 14-16 2017
Deep South Con 2017
Radisson Hotel - High Point
High Point, NC